Are you ready to join a patriot group and do patriot stuff with patriots? JOIN US.
And do better than just join us – have your family join with you.

Membership is a two-step process:



Once you’ve joined the group, please introduce yourself! (NOTE: It’s perfectly acceptable to join the group under your call sign instead of your real name; we only need that disclosed on the vetting form so we can verify that you are who you say you are).


  • Membership is free.
  • Most trainings are free or low cost (materials or venue).


  • Patriot
  • Over the age of 18
  • Legally allowed to handle firearms
  • North Carolina resident


  • Members are expected to attend FTX’s (trainings) regularly.
  • Members are expected to attend weekly meetings (usually held on Zello or Signal)
  • Members are expected to purchase uniform clothing if attending public events (links in the gear list)
  • Members are expected to purchase gear in accordance with their role in the group. We will help you find items on a budget if necessary.


Do I have to be former military or law enforcement? 

No! People with all sorts of backgrounds join 3UP. Although we have many former military and LEOs, we also have bondsmen, truck drivers, doctors, paramedics, firemen, soccer moms, business people, retirees, and more.

I’m not physically ready for combat and/or am not interested in combat training.

If you’re not physically ready for combat training or deployment, we can help you to train and/or help you to modify some activities to so that you can overcome your challenges. We do ask that you push yourself a little – challenges that are tested often are often overcome.

If you’re not interested in things like “running and gunning” or deployment, that’s quite all right. If you’d like to serve, we have opportunities in support, admin, intelligence, communications, and more. We also have designated people in each Zone who will lead non-combatants to a place of safety in case of local unrest, natural disaster, etc.

What about women and children in the organization?

Women are welcome in all roles within 3UPNC. There are no limitations whatsoever with regards to participation, rank, or respect. We have no artificial dividing line between genders. Women may choose to be militia-ready or take a support role (see above).

No one under the age of 18 is eligible for membership. Minors of all ages are welcome at events such as meet & greets, cookouts, trainings, and community outreach functions. It is
suggested that if the member wishes their child to attend the training that they first
attend some of the family friendly events so leaders may get to know the child and get a
better idea of what training events they could safely attend. The minor must be
accompanied and supervised by parent, grandparent, or legal guardian always during
training events.

I’m a member of another group. Can I join 3UP? 

We welcome members of most other patriot groups, and allow our members to join other groups. However, we only allow you to be in a leadership position in one. Please declare your group affiliation when joining, or to your commanding officer.